5 Tips To Help You Be Successful Over The Holidays


5 Tips To Help You Be Successful Over The Holidays

5 Tips To Help You Be Successful Over The Holidays

  1. Pick Your Gathering
    If you know you are attending more than one gathering, decide which one you are going to use as your “cheat” and make healthier choices at the rest of your gatherings.
  1. Don’t Skip Meals
    If you know you are eating a later lunch, don’t skip breakfast. This will cause you to be extremely hungry before your big meal, which will lead to unhealthier choices followed by over eating.
  1. Have A Plan
    Decide ahead of time what you are going to allow yourself to have and how much. It’s easier to follow through with something when you have a plan.
  1. Don’t Drink your Calories
    The more adult beverages you have the more likely you are to make unhealthy food choices. Water, Water, Water!!!!
  1. Fill your Plate with Protein First
    Protein will help allow for a slow and steady rise of blood sugar helping to avoid the quick spike and inevitable crash and will help you feel full longer.

    Stick to these 5 steps and you will be well on your way to a successful Holiday.

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