Our CrossFit programs build strength and conditioning for a body capable of just about anything life throws at you.  CrossFit classes offer olympic lifting skill-work and varying degrees of movement complexity and WOD intensity. Interested in competing? We also offer CrossFit Competition programming for athletes that want to compete at the local, regional and national level.

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4-Week Fit Body Challenge


Our Fit Body Challenge program is tailored to the individual who is looking to shake up their routine! Whether your current fitness program is not delivering results or you’ve tried to get fit in the past with no success, our bootcamp style classes offer a fresh start! Join our exciting and supportive atmosphere to get fit, learn new movements and develop healthy eating habits!

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Fit Factory


Our Fit Factory program is designed to offer members a great workout that burns calories and develops a strong, physically fit body. Fit Factory members can enjoy a fun and supportive team environment and educated coaches. Our workouts focus on using body weight movements and free weights to burn fat, promote muscle growth and develop overall conditioning. Fit Factory classes are designed as a stepping-stone to our CrossFit classes.

Personal Training


CrossFit Restart provides a individual approach to workout design and goal achievement through our customized Personal Training sessions. Clients can expect a trianing program tailored to their current fitness abilities and an accelerated program timeline to achieve their lifestyle, health and fitness goals.



B.E.A.S.T. which stands for (Balanced Explosive Agility Stabilization Training). This program is specifically for our youth athletes that are looking for off-season, and also in-season training, to help them step up their game. We will be offering 2 age groups: 5th-8th and 9th-12th grades. This is not your typical speed and agility, it will be 8 weeks long and as it progresses it will work each athlete to be better prepared for their specific sport, position, and the demands of it. Sessions will be 2 days a week in the late afternoon. Perfect winter activity for that athlete looking to get better in a spring sport. This program will cost $320 for 8 weeks. Spots are limited so click on the link below or connect with us to reserve your spot. Help your youth athlete unleash the BEAST inside of them this winter!

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